Our Top Hot Tub Shelters of 2017 To Inspire You

Tired of the rain but want to keep on enjoying your hot tub? Here are our customer’s best examples of setups that will keep you and your hot tub dry even during a British downpour. Making use of wooden gazebos, classic gazebos, parasols, conservatories and even wooden shacks; there are a whole host of unique ways to fend off the rain whilst adding an impressive feature to your garden or back yard.

Wooden Gazebo

Our customers are a creative bunch and we are always blown away by the innovative designs we see when it comes to making a home for their beloved Lay-Z-Spa. A wooden structure is not only a long-term structure, built for what the British weather has to throw at it, it also makes a great feature for any garden or back yard. Take a look at our top picks submitted by our customers.

Simple yet strong, Caffrina’s custom wooden shelter provides a stylish home for her Lay-Z-Spa Miami.
Encased in stylish wooden decking and sheltered from the harshest of elements, Adam’s outdoor setup is a great center piece.
Rustic and homely, this setup provides protection from all angles for Annie's hot tub, especially when the retractable doors are closed during the heaviest of rain!
One of our absolute favourites is Stuart’s wooden gazebo structure. Fronted by flowers, lined with fairy lights and finished with a simple heart decoration, the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Pro fits perfectly too!

Classic Gazebo

Easy to put up, take down and move, covering your hot tub with a gazebo is a quick and simple way to avoid those sporadic showers we love to hate here in the UK. Coming in a whole range of different shapes and sizes, finding a gazebo that fits your garden’s style is straightforward. Although not as hardy as a wooden structure, a classic gazebo is a great alternative for those who don’t have the time or space to build a custom home for their spa.

Based on elegant raised wooden decking, cornered with candlelit lanterns and centred by the glowing lights of his Lay-Z-Spa, Phil’s relaxation time can’t be dampened by rain showers.
Even though the rain has been pouring, Jade’s hot tub shelter lets her enjoy the warmth of her spa and relax whatever the weather.
Who said sitting outside in the middle of a downpour can't be relaxing? This hot tub gazebo shelter certainly goes against the grain when it comes to creating a zen-like environment even when mother nature is trying her best to put a dampener on proceedings!


A hot tub parasol not only looks minimalistic and stylish, it can also protect you from light rain. Although they don’t supply the full coverage of a gazebo, their sleek design adds a touch of class to any outdoor area.

Clair & Olly’s setup is flawless for those nights where the rain threatens to spoil a planned Lay-Z-Spa session. Accompanied by a thoughtfully designed decking area, a tastefully lit seating space, their parasol protected Lay-Z-Spa area is built for keeping you dry and shaded when the sun does decide to appear!


Want to bring your spa indoors? A conservatory can be a great place to enjoy your spa from the comfort of your home. Able to enjoy natural light without the fear of being rained on, what else could be better?! (Note: The conservatory must be well ventilated and the floor suitable for water spillage).

Mirella has converted her conservatory into a place of pure rain-free bliss to enjoy her hot tub! 

Wooden Shack

Move away from the status quo and keep your spa dry at the same time by creating something different like a wooden shelter!

Tony has done just this and keeps his spa dry with his very own thatched enclosure for his spa. We love it!

Lay-Z-Spa Dome

Don't forget, you can get official Lay-Z-Spa gazebos too like this brilliant example here.

Jan's setup makes fantastic use of the Lay-Z-Spa Dome. Utilising artificial grass, table and chairs and even some foliage for decoration, her Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Pro finishes off this well thought out setup which is perfect for the ever-changing British weather!