Introducing The Barbados AirJet™

Our Most Technologically Advanced And Energy-Efficient Hot Tub Is Here.

Specially designed for use all year round, the Lay-Z-Spa's Barbados AirJet™ is the most energy-efficient hot tub in the Lay-Z-Spa range. Featuring Freeze Shield™ Technology, an exclusive EnergySense™ insulated liner, our new compact pump design and much more, the Barbados AirJet™ is a premium inflatable hot tub you can enjoy as a couple, family or with friends every day of the year.

Lay-Z-Spa's most energy-efficient hot tub

Proudly Introducing The EnergySense™ Insulated Liner

Currently exclusive to the Barbados Airjet™, the EnergySense™ insulated liner is 40% more energy efficient when compared to similar hot tubs in the Lay-Z-Spa range. Its double layer is comprised of aluminium foil and foam wrapped between our tough and durable DuraPlus™ outer. This means the hot tub keeps the heat in for longer making it one of the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tubs available.

Brand new Lay-Z-Spa pump design for 2021 with premium blow up hot tubs features.

Brand New Pump Design

The new Lay-Z-Spa pump has a more compact aesthetically pleasing design complete with cup holders, an adjustable control panel and this model offers compatibility with the Lay-Z-Spa WiFi App. This allows you complete control of your Barbados AirJet hot tub from your phone or tablet, including the Rapid Heating System and the Energy Saving Timer.

Lay-Z-Spa, UK inflatable hot tubs you can use all-year round

Protect Your Hot Tub From The Cold With Freeze Shield™ Technology

As the Barbados Airjet™ is an all-year-round hot tub, it is equipped with the Lay-Z-Spa Freeze Shield™ technology which prevents your water and pump from freezing, even when the air temperature drops below 4°C. With this technology, you can set your pump to run at a low temperature in power saving mode for a long period of time. 

4 person hot tub for friends, family and relaxing

Other Features of the Barbados AirJet™:

Compact size
Measuring the same size as the Cancun AirJet and Miami Airjet, Lay-Z-Spa's Barbados AirJet hot tub comfortably fits up to 4 people and is the perfect size for most gardens. 

120 AirJet™ Massage System
Like similar models, you can sit back and enjoy the AirJet™ Massage System with its 120 all-surrounding air jets that give a soothing sensation over your whole body. The perfect way to relax and wind-down.

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