Lay-Z-Spa are the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tubs

At Lay‑Z‑Spa, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality and affordable products. From the design to the features included, we consciously make our hot tubs available with premium features and accessories for ultimate relaxation, ease of use, and energy efficiency.

All Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tubs come with a range of highly beneficial energy‑efficient features, meticulously crafted materials, and insulating accessories as standard and at no extra cost which all contribute toward Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs being the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tubs on the market.

Testing inflatable hot tubs for energy-efficiency

An independent study of comparable products by comparable brands (by SGS Laboratories) found that Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs heat faster, use less energy to maintain a certain temperature, and are better at keeping the heat in and are therefore the most energy‑efficient inflatable hot tubs.

Laboratory tests & results* showed that:

1. Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tubs use less energy and are faster to heat the water to 40°C.
2. Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs use less energy to heat the water when the massage system is on.
3. Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs use less energy to maintain temperature (tested over 8 hours)
4. Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tubs offer significantly better insulation. When not heating, the water temperature drops faster in competitor hot tubs.
5. Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs overall use less energy and will in the long-run cost less to run.

*Results comparisons available at the bottom of this page. Test & results have been performed and produced by SGS laboratory. All inflatable hot tubs were tested in a room under the same conditions with the same volume of water. Top covers and lids were used for those that provided either or both.

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What Makes A Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Energy-Efficient?

Lay-Z-Spa energy efficiency
Energy-efficient inflatable hot tubs

Insulating Lid & Top Cover

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are more energy-efficient than other inflatable hot tubs because they include an insulating lid with a clip-on top cover as standard. This helps reduce the heat loss from the water's surface where most others would be exposed to the elements.

Energy-efficient Lay-Z-Spa heating system

Thermostatic Heating System

Lay‑Z‑Spa’s advanced heating system, like a home central heating system, will actually stop heating when it reaches its set temperature. Only once the temperature drops a few degrees will it then turn on again. This means it is only heating when it needs to, making it a beneficial energy‑efficient feature that helps cut down those energy costs.

Insulating Lay-Z-Spa material

Materials & Construction

The Beam and Drop Stitch construction of our hot tubs is complemented with the Lay-Z-Spa DuraPlus™ material. Our premium reinforced material is used on all our hot tubs and offers superior strength and better insulation

Energy-efficient hot tub features

Power Saving Timer

The Power Saving Timer helps reduce any unnecessary energy consumption such as heating your water when you don’t need to. You can program the pump to start and stop heating when you want and set your desired temperature too.

Energy-efficient hot tub feature

Freeze Shield Technology™

This pioneering hot tub technology means that a Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tub can be safely kept outside all year round without the need to have a constant heat source in the water. The energy-efficient feature automatically detects when the temperature drops below 6°C and then switches on to heat your water up to 10°C.

Energy-efficient hot tub base

Thick Cushioned Base

The heavily padded, thick cushioned base of Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs is there for a comfortable experience but also offers an additional insulating barrier between the hot tub and the floor.

Energy-saving inflatable hot tubs

Lay-Z-Spa Vs Competitor Inflatable Hot Tubs

Results of testing by independent body SGS using a 2-4 capacity 669 litre Lay-Z-Spa hot tub against comparable products by other inflatable hot tub brands.

Heating TestLay-Z-SpaCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3
Heating time (20°C-39°C)8.5 Hours9.25 Hours8.75 Hours13.5 Hours
Energy Used17.25 KWh17.45 KWhTBC18.7 KWh
Cooling Speed (39°C-30°C)0.28°C / hour0.33°C / hour0.39°C / hour0.39°C / hour

On average, Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs heat 17% faster and cool down 25% slower.