Introducing The Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu AirJet

Exclusive to Homebase/Bunnings, step into the luxurious 40°C waters of the Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu AirJet™. Based on the beautiful tropical island of Honolulu, this brand new Lay-Z-Spa has everything you need to create your own relaxing vista. At first glance, you will notice the exclusive premium Grey Rattan exterior that complements any indoor or outdoor space. Enough space for 4-6 people, all you need to do is lie back and shut your eyes as the 120 AirJets transport you to the warm climates of this truly iconic world location.

Spacious enough for 4-6 People

The Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu AirJet has been specially designed to provide enough space for 4-6 people to relax and unwind. Perfect for socialising with friends and family as you sip on a cocktail or for simply having some ‘Me-time’ the Honolulu is a great sized premium inflatable hot tub for any indoor or outdoor space.

120 AirJets™ Massage System

The Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu delivers a totally relaxing and invigorating experience with the AirJet™ Massage System. With 120 AirJets™ that surround you with a myriad of deeply relaxing bubbles, you can drift into a state of bliss within a cloud of bubbles.

40°C Rapid Heating System

Able to improve blood flow and circulation, the Honolulu’s powerful massage system coupled with the 40°C rapid heating system provides an array of hydrotherapy benefits which help you start or finish your day relaxed.

Premium Duraplus™ Material

The Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu utilises a premium 3-Ply reinforced Duraplus™ material to provide puncture resistance without compromising on style or comfort. Combined with the renowned I-Beam construction, the Lay-Z-Spa Honolulu maintains constant structural integrity for season after season.

Power Saving Timer

The Power Saving Timer saves energy and ensures your spa reaches the temperature of your choice. Not only is it able to switch off your spa when it’s not in use, it lets you schedule exactly when your spa starts heating up.