Your Spring & Summer Hot Tub Survival Guide

When it comes to spring and summer you should plan exactly what you need to ensure your Lay-Z-Spa remains in tip-top condition. At Lay-Z-Spa we have a range of products available that will go a long way towards helping you get the best from your inflatable hot tub. From accessories to chemicals, we have everything you need to make the most of your hot tub during the glorious sunny months.

Using your hot tub in Spring and Summer

Hot Tub Accessories

Let’s start with the fun bits. We offer a wide range of accessories to make life with your Lay-Z-Spa even more indulgent. That means you’ll find glasses, holders for said glasses, lights and even pillows to ensure that your time in the tub is absolute bubbly bliss. Our spas include choices for two, for catch-ups with friends, families and everything in between, and we know that means there are all kinds of different ways your spa needs to work around you.

This hot tub gazebo from Lay-Z-Spa gives you shelter.

There’s something satisfying about basking in the warmth of your tub when the weather’s still a little chilly, but there are times when you need a little protection from the elements while you lounge in your spa. The Lay-Z-Spa Dome will protect your spa (and you come to that!) from the elements. Easy to put up around your hot tub, the dome is portable too. You’ll be able to open and close all sides as required, meaning no more wild hair while you’re trying to sit back and chat in style!

Next up is the Underwater LED Light. Perfect for those catch-ups in the tub with friends, this colour-changing light can be set to one colour if you want to set the mood, or to change colour if you’re happy for it to add a touch of intrigue to your tub. It’s battery-powered and suitable for continuous use underwater. This one’s as popular with grown-ups as is with kids – and it’s great for use in your portable spa on spring / summer evenings.

Buy the essential hot tub chemicals for your Lay-Z-Spa

Hot Tub Chemicals

It’s important to maintain your Lay-Z-Spa all year round of course – but if you haven’t stepped into the tub for a while it’s the perfect season to fall back in love with those bubbles. You’ll find everything you need to check and maintain your hot tub’s water in our Hot Tub Chemicals section. Stock up on Dip Test Strips to conveniently check the levels of chlorine, PH and alkaline in your tub and our Chlorine Granules eliminate harmful bacteria from your tub. If you’re just getting started, the Gold Starter Kit has everything you need to prepare and maintain your tub’s water from the start – so you can enjoy it with confidence.

Get yourself ready for Spring and Summer by taking a look at our Hot Tub Chemicals and our Hot Tub Accessories.