Hot Tub Summer Drinks: Lay-Z-Spa Mocktails

With the sunshine allowing us to enjoy our outdoor spaces, relaxing in the garden and spending more time in the hot tub, we long for the taste of the exotic with a cocktail in hand to feel like we are on holiday.  
We have created a selection of easy-to-make Lay-Z-Spa mocktails that are quick and require few easy-to-get-hold-of ingredients. Why mocktails? Because we want the whole family to be able to enjoy these and your little ones can have fun helping to make them. The other reason is that we do not recommend drinking alcohol in the hot tub. Alcohol effects are intensified in a hot tub which can lead to dehydration, feeling light-headed or heat exhaustion. So, it's mocktails all round!
These delicious alcohol-free cocktail recipes go perfectly with our range of glasses that are safe to use in the hot tub. Made of ultra-clear polycarbonate, the Lay-Z-Spa glasses give you peace of mind that they will never shatter and therefore won't cause damage to the liner of your hot tub. This also means they are safe for children to use.

Alcohol-Free Cocktails To Enjoy in Your Hot Tub

Alcohol-free Mojito recipe specially curated to drink in your inflatable hot tub.

The Barbados Mojito

The Caribbean is the home of rum, but this is an alcohol-free mojito mocktail recipe that skips the rum and still gives a refreshing kick.

1 tbsp sugar 
Small bunch of mint 
Juice of 3 limes 
Sparkling water 
Thin slices of lemon or lime (optional) 

Muddle the sugar with the mint leaves in a bowl using the back of a tablespoon or the end of a rolling pin and add the lime juice. Add a handful of crushed ice into 2 tall glasses. Pour in your mint, lime and sugar mix, top up with sparkling water and add a slice of lemon or lime for garnish. 

Lay-Z-Spa Tumblers

Fruit mocktail recipe created by Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs UK.

The Vegas Sunrise 

This is a layered fruit-flavoured mocktail with grenadine and orange juice. Kids will love to get involved with making this to see who can get there’s looking the best.  
4 tbsp Grenadine 
300-400ml orange juice 
Sparkling water 

Carefully add the grenadine into the bottom four glasses. Tip the glasses at an angle and pour the orange juice down the inside of the glasses so that it sits on top of the grenadine. Top up with sparkling water and serve. 
Lay-Z-Spa Beer/Cocktail Glasses 

Fruit punch for kids. This alcohol-free punch is perfect for families to enjoy whilst spending time in their portable hot tub.

The Milan Punch

A refreshing and healthy fruit-packed alcohol-free cocktail. With so many fruit flavours and citrus contrasts, you won’t miss the alcohol one bit and it is a fantastic treat for children.  
100ml of cranberry juice 
500ml of blood orange juice  
Juice of 1 lime 
Thin slices of orange 
Small bunch of mint  
600ml sparkling apple juice drink or sparkling water 

Mix the cranberry juice, orange juice and lime juice together in a large jug or bowl. Add a handful of crushed ice into your glasses. Place a slice of orange and a mint sprig in each glass, pour in the fruit mix and top up with sparkling apple juice drink or sparkling water.  
Lay-Z-Spa Wine Glasses 

Alternative Mimosa recipe. Using the Lay-Z-Spa Champagne Glasses, we created this alcohol-free mimosa recipe to that everyone can enjoy it.

The Paris Mimosa

A twist on the 1920’s French classic that is perfect for those special occasions or romantic evenings for two. Quick and easy to make. 
Orange juice (chilled) 
Non-alcoholic sparkling wine or sparkling citrus-flavour water 
Thin slices of orange (optional) 
Add equal amounts of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and orange juice and to a champagne flute. Garnish with a slice of orange and it is ready to serve. 
Lay-Z-Spa Champagne Flutes

Or, if you don't fancy a mocktail...

Alcohol-free drinks for hot tub users. Enjoy your summer with our cooling mocktail recipes accompanied but the Lay-Z-Spa glasses - the most practical of all hot tub accessories!

Fruit Infused water

Cooling, refreshing and healthy, this versatile drink allows you to use whichever fruit you like. Simply add one or two different fruit types to a jug of water and leave it to infuse in the fridge for 12-24 hours. Serve with ice in the Lay-Z-Spa Wine Glasses and enjoy.

Iced Latte

One for the grown-ups who still need a caffeine kick even when it is hot. Dissolve two teaspoons of sugar into a double espresso. Add a handful of ice into a Lay-Z-Spa tumbler, fill 3/4 with whole milk and pour the espresso over the top.

Watermelon Lemonade

The most summer-y version of homemade lemonade! Blend watermelon chunks in a food processor. Strain through a sieve into a jug, add lemon juice and sugar then serve with ice in the Lay-Z-Spa Champagne Flutes.

Ice Cream Sundae

Kids will love this! Get their favourite ice cream flavours, add 2 or 3 scoops to the Lay-Z-Spa Beer/Cocktail Glass. Then, top with a fruit coulis or chocolate sauce and sprinkle with fresh fruit or something crunchy like cereal!

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