Introducing The Milan AirJet Plus™

You’ve been asking and we’ve answered, and that’s why we’re pleased to introduce the Milan AirJet Plus™, our most advanced hot tub ever. The Milan AirJet Plus™ is packed with a whole host of clever features so you won’t ever want to leave your hot tub.

The Lay-Z-Spa Milan Airjet Plus 6 person hot tub

One of the most requested features is being able to control your hot tub wirelessly. That’s why we have been hard at work creating the Lay-Z-Spa WiFi App.

Forgot to turn on your hot tub ready for an evening in with the girls? Or want to show off to your mates by turning on the massage system from your phone? With the Lay-Z-Spa WiFi App you can do all this and more.

Whether you’re using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, take control of your Lay-Z-Spa hands-free. Using your voice you can control everything from the massage system to the temperature all from the comfort of your hot tub.

Already own a Lay-Z-Spa AirJet hot tub? Don't worry you can buy the WiFi Enabled Pump separately.

Use the Lay-Z-Spa App with the Milan Airjet Plus

The Lay-Z-Spa Milan is also the first of our hot tubs to feature the new AirJet Plus™ massage system. This new system features a brand-new massage jet layout that not only surrounds the outer base of the hot tub but also runs through the centre of the spa, so your back and legs receive a full body massage from the 80 AirJets (pre-2021).

First introduced with the Helsinki AirJet, the Milan AirJet Plus also benefits from the same Freeze Shield™ technology. Designed to automatically increase water circulation around the pump, the system prevents water freezing, so you can enjoy your hot tub all year round!

Lay-Z-Spa Milan AirJet Plus with Freeze Shield. A portable hot tub you can use all year.

The Milan AirJet Plus also benefits from everything else you can expect to receive with any Lay-Z-Spa including advanced safety features like the Ground Detection System, energy-saving timer and able to heat all the way up to 40°C.

Want to find out more? Visit the Lay-Z-Spa Milan AirJet Plus and the Lay-Z-Spa WiFi App.