Lay-Z-Spa Water Problem Solving Chart

Are you having problems with your Lay-Z-Spa water? If so, check out the symptom, cause and remedy in the table below.

Green / Cloudy Water / Slippery SidesAlgaeShock dose with chlorine (see start up dose) and add Algaecide
Too much chlorineOverdoseAllow time to naturally dissipate or buy a chlorine reducer
pH hard to controlAlkalinity lowSeek advice on how to raise total alkalinity
Can't maintain chlorine levelsChlorine demand of water too high up start up, after holidays or due to excess contamination or neglectShock dose with chlorine (see start up dose on product instructions). Repeat after 24 hours if necessary
Cloudy waterPoor chemical control or inadequate filtrationClean or replace filter cartridge, check chemical levels using either ClearWater Dip Test Strips or a Bestway Aquatester. Adjust if necessary (chlorine/PH). If problem persists buy a clarifier to remove small particles
Rough pool sides / edgesScale formation due to high calcium levels in waterEnsure PH levels are correct using ClearWater Dip Test Strips or Bestway Aquatester and use a pool scale inhibitor to stop calcium precipitating out of water
No colour change on test strip dip testToo high chlorine leading to bleaching of indicator pads (over 15ppm chlorine)Check the expiry date on ClearWater Dip Test Strips. Wait for chlorine level to drop and re-test
FoamingDetergent present from incorrect cleaning products or excessive algaecide useReduce water level and top up with fresh water. Avoid domestic household cleaners. You can also use Clearwater Foam Remover if the problem persists

For more info about chemicals and your Lay-Z-Spa, please visit our Hot Tub Chemicals Guide.