Lay-Z-Spa Water Problem Solving Chart

Are you having problems with your Lay-Z-Spa water? If so, check out the symptom, cause and remedy in the table below.

Green / Cloudy Water / Slippery SidesAlgaeShock dose with chlorine and add Algaecide if the issue persists.
Too much chlorineOverdoseAllow time to naturally dissipate or partially empty water and fill with new.
pH hard to controlAlkalinity lowUse TA Plus to increase the Total Alkalinity
Can't maintain chlorine levelsEither due to excess contamination or neglect or improperly balanced pH and Total Alkalinity If the water appears cloudy or visibly dirty, shock dose with chlorine. If the water looks fine, make sure pH and TA are well balanced.
Cloudy waterPoor chemical control or inadequate filtration or possible contaminationClick here for a full guide.
Rough pool sides / edgesScale formation due to high calcium levels in waterEnsure PH levels are correct.
Start using Scale & Stain Remover on a regular basis.
No colour change on test strip dip testToo high chlorine leading to bleaching of indicator pads (over 15ppm chlorine)Check the expiry date on ClearWater Dip Test Strips. Wait for chlorine level to drop and re-test.
FoamingDetergent present from incorrect cleaning products or excessive algaecide useUse Clearwater Foam Remover. Shower before using the hot tub and avoid washing swimwear in detergents.

For more info about chemicals and your Lay-Z-Spa, please visit our Hot Tub Chemicals Guide.