Airjet™ & Hydrojet™ Massage Systems

Airjet Massage System

AirJet™ Massage Systems

Soothe your body and relax your mind with the touch of a button! The AirJets™ work by releasing warm air into the water, surrounding you with a calming bubble massage.

The all-surrounding AirJet™ massage system ranges from 87 to 180 according to the model. This massage system works by pushing high-pressure air through small holes in the circumference on the base of the liner.

AirJet Plus™ Massage Systems

Enjoy a deeper massage with AirJet Plus™! Air bubbles are released from the bottom and the centre of the spa to target both the legs and back.

In addition to the small holes in the outer circumference of the bottom, AirJet Plus™ also includes a circular set in the centre of the base resulting in a soothing sensation across your entire body and feet.

Models with AirJet Plus™ come with 2 levels of massage controlled through the function on the pump. 

Airjet Plus Massage System
Inflatable hot tub Hydrojet Massage System

HydroJet Pro™ Massage Systems

HydroJet Pro™ is the best of both worlds! Adjustable HydroJet nozzles release high-pressure water bubbles combined with AirJets™ along the bottom provide the ultimate spa massage.

This is a combination of AirJet™ and HydroJet Pro™ technology for a blissfully soothing massage experience. The hydrojets are found in the hot tub walls and work by pushing water through multi-directional jets. Use the digitally controlled pump with its control panel to combine both systems, or enjoy them individually.

Hydrojet™ Massage Systems

Hydrojet™ includes the same functionality as Hydrojet Pro™ but with nozzles in just two locations on the inside. This makes the Hydrojet™ massage function ideal for one or two users but the AirJet™ massage is suitable for more users. 

With the AirJets™ you can experience the all-surrounding soothing sensation over your entire body whilst the HydroJets™ are beneficial for targetted hydrotherapy.

Hydrojet Massage System