Water leaking from liner

Get support and advice for your Lay-Z-Spa liner. Check out this step-by-step troubleshooting guide we recommend. This guide will help you identify the cause and any relevant solutions. Or if you still need assistance this guide will direct you to our Customer Care team who are here to support you with any issues and get you back to enjoying your Lay-Z-Spa in no time.

If your Lay-Z-Spa liner is leaking water we recommend the following troubleshooting steps to get your back enjoying your Lay-Z-Spa:

Step 1 - check if the drain plug is leaking:

We would suggest checking the drain plug is not misshaped and fits securely. Close the plug and pour water on to the plug and check for any dripping. Monitor the spa water levels and check for any puddles underneath the spa.

Step 2 - check if water is leaking into the air chamber of the liner:

Please check the liner for any split seams that may be allowing the water to flow into the air chamber. You may also be able to see bubbles of air rising in the water. It may be difficult to get the water out of the liner at this stage. Please note condensation is not covered under the manufacturers warranty.

If you are still within your warranty period, please contact our Customer Care team below who will be able to assist you further. If you’re no longer within your warranty period, you can purchase replacement liners here.

Step 3 - check if water is leaking from connections between the pump and liner:

Attach the stopper caps to the inside of the liner, disconnect the pump unit, and move the pump unit away from the liner. Check the washers are all in place and not perished or missing. When you connect the pump back to the liner be careful not to cross thread the connections. Then activate the AirJet massage function to force the water back into the liner and reset the non-return valve.