XL Entertainment Set

  • Includes LED Light, Drinks Holder & 2 Spa Pillows
  • Take your Spa experience to the next level
  • Great value money-saving bundle
  • Compatible with all Lay-Z-Spa® models (excluding Drop Stich models)

This bundle contains the following

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About XL Entertainment Set

Illuminate your spa, sit back, relax and enjoy a couple of drinks. You deserve it!

(Suitable for use with all Lay-Z-Spa® models except for the Monaco, Helsinki, Singapore & Vancouver)

The Bundle Includes:

Lay-Z-Spa® Drinks Holder

You asked for them and we listened- so here they are! Compatible with all Lay-Z-Spa® models (excluding Monaco, Helsinki, Singapore & Vancouver) theseLay-Z-Spa® drink holders can be anchored anywhere on the top wall of your Spa.

With two cup holders and a tray you can now completely relax in your spa knowing that you wo't have to get out of your Lay-Z-Spa® and dry off when you fancy a drink or snack!

The drinks holders can separate from the tray allowing for drinks to be held at either end of the tub ensuring they are never out of arms reach.

Lay-Z-Spa® LED Floating Light

Turn your hot tub experience up a notch with this Floating Hot Tub LED Light. Offering a beautiful display containing four super bright LEDS (yellow, red, blue and green), which illuminate the surface of the water with seven flashing light settings.

It's never been easier to kick start a hot tub party or romantic night in, simply press the button on top of the ball to start the light show. There is no need to worry about external power since the light is powered by 3xAA batteries (not included).

IP68 Waterproofing protects the light against complete, continuous submersion in water ensuring a long-lasting and sturdy product.

Lay-Z-Spa® Pillows (2 Pack)

TheBestway Spa Pillowsare the perfect accessory for the Lay-Z-Spa® if you are looking for a comfortable and deeply relaxing spa session.

The pillow fits perfectly on the sturdy walls of the Lay-Z-Spa®; simply put down, lie back, close your eyes and wind down as your head and neck feel fully supported and cushioned.

The Spa Pillows allow you to fully relax all of your muscles without worrying about keeping your head above water. The Spa Pillows are 100% waterproof and super easy to clean down, simply wipe down with a warm cloth. A simple accessory that enables you to have an even finer and luxurious spa experience.

Suitable for use with all Lay-Z-Spa® models except for the Monaco, Helsinki, Singapore & Vancouver.