3 Reasons To Try Woga

If you’re the proud owner of a Lay-Z-Spa, we know it’s extremely tempting to enjoy it by lying back and drifting off whenever you squeeze in a session. But the delightfully-named Woga is becoming increasingly popular with hot tub lovers, so we say give it a go! We know you’re probably wondering what on earth Woga is, but it’s just the practice of traditional yoga in water and the hot tub is perfect for reaping its benefits. Check out these 3 reasons to get started with Woga next time you step into your inflatable hot tub

Water Yoga

Anyone Can Do It

One of the lovely things about Woga is that pretty much anyone can embrace it. If you use your Lay-Z-Spa to soothe an ailment or keep those aches and pains at bay then rest assured that it’s low impact and you’re in control. Choose some gentle, basic yoga moves to get you moving and the water will work its magic.

Remember there’s no pressure, and it’s not about being an expert, it’s about immersing yourself in the water and choosing the postures that work for you. Just remember to ensure that your feet are touching the bottom of your Lay-Z-Spa at all times.

Yoga in Water

It’s Great Stress-Relief

Yoga (or Woga for that matter) isn’t all about the physical benefits, it’s a great way to still your mind and try a little meditation too. Yoga works on the idea that focusing on your body and holding each pose allows your mind to connect with your physical body, making it easier to find that stillness for both.

If you find your mind wandering when you’re trying to forget your cares in the hot tub, take a breath and pick a Woga posture to help close off those pesky worries.

Focus on your breathing while you hold each pose and try visualising techniques to help you find a deeper level of relaxation. The trick is to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and try to count to five during each inhalation and each exhalation to get you in the zone.

Try Woga - It’s Good For You

It’s Good For You

Not only is Woga good fun, but it’s great for your wellbeing too. We think your inflatable spa should be all about relaxation and boosting your health, and Woga’s perfect. Because Woga will activate each of your muscles gently, it’s completely safe. If you practice on a regular basis you’ll find increased flexibility, and it’s a great way to ease tension.

The resistance of the water will increase the impact of even the most subtle movements, and over time, Woga can help to reduce any joint pain. That means it’s great if your less mobile, elderly or overweight, and you can take your time and enjoy it too. Why not invite a friend over to join your Woga session, as long as you don’t distract one another it can be fun to get started together!

Namaste! Find your zen with one of our inflatable hot tubs. Explore our full range and start your health & wellbeing journey.