5 Easy Ways To Relax

Our lifestyles can be stressful. Between work, social life, responsibilities, family, and everything else in between, it can be difficult to have moments to yourself or find time to relax. With little free time available, is important to find easy ways to relax either at home, or in easily achievable in outside environments.   

Below a 5 of the easiest tried-and-tested ways to relax that have the maximum benefits to your wellbeing with minimum effort.

Easy Ways To Relax

1. Quiet Time Alone

Taking time out to yourself is by far one of the simplest ways to relax. Temporarily removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can do wonders for your mind and body. From 5 minutes of mindfulness or sitting quietly to focusing on breathing or practicing some meditation, it can help you gather your thoughts and give your body a break.

2. Listen To Music

Similarly to the above, listening to music is a great way to disconnect. Using headphones, to properly block out the outside world, immerse yourself in your favourite music. Gentle and calm music can help you unwind but listening to the music you love can change your mood. When a song you know comes on that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up / gives you the chills, that triggers a release of dopamine – the natural happy chemical in the body.    

3. Gentle Outdoor Activities

Relaxing isn’t always about stopping everything and being still. There are some easy active relaxation activities that can be done to revitalise the body and mind. Something as simple as a quick 10 minute walk can help clear your head. Outdoor activities such as cycling, paddle boarding, hiking and canoeing can help you reconnect with nature and get some much-needed fresh air.

4. Hydrotherapy

One of the world’s oldest wellness and healing techniques, water has many physical and mental benefits. Hydrotherapy is commonly used to relax and reduce stress in a spa or hot tub environment. Spending time unwinding in a hot tub with the warmth, bubbles, and buoyancy is great for mental health. It helps release endorphins, relieve tension, disconnect from troubles and induce calming sensations.  

5. Yoga

Another technique that is thousands of years old is yoga which allows for gentle stretching, mindfulness and breathing exercises. Yoga requires no skill or experience and is one of the most easy ways to relax from home. The purpose of yoga is to create a sense of harmony and connection between your mind and body. Aside from physical benefits, yoga can help your mind relax, and improve your mood.   

How To Relax Better

It is easy to jump into any of the above relaxation techniques but if you don't prepare yourself or do it correctly, you may not achieve the right level of relaxation, or any at all.

Try to:
- Plan your time to relax and don't put off having time for yourself.
- Try to not plan your time to relax in between any potentially busy or stressful activities.
- Distance yourself from technology, especially mobile phones and social media.
- Relaxing alone often yields better results but always let somebody know what you are doing and where if opting for an outdoor activity.

Next Level Relaxing At Home

As previously mentioned, Hydrotherapy is one of our top 5 ways to relax. With Lay-Z-Spa, you can easily experience this at home. Our AirJet hot tubs surround you in a cloud of soothing bubbles whilst our HydroJet hot tubs offer a blissful hydromassage with targetted jets.

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