Which Lay-Z-Spa Massage System Is Best For Me?

Unlike most other inflatable hot tubs, the Lay-Z-Spa range has advanced technology and is able to offer four different types of massage systems. The massage system is the most important part of relaxation and we want to ensure we have something for everyone and something for different needs.

If you are wondering what the difference between these massage systems is, you can read about them here or continue reading below to find out which Lay-Z-Spa massage system is best for you.

AirJet™ - The classic bubble massage

AirJet™ is the type of bubble massage available in any inflatable hot tub. Every Lay-Z-Spa has an AirJet™ massage system which releases thousands of tiny therapeutic and invigorating bubbles from the circumference of the base. This combined with the heat of the water creates the soothing and relaxing feel of a Lay-Z-Spa. Lay-Z-Spa pumps are able to deliver a very powerful bubble massage and more and more Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs now have a reduced intensity feature to give you the option of full or reduced power.  

Who is this for? Anyone who just wants to enjoy the calming and relaxing benefits of a hot tub.

AirJet Plus™ - A more invigorating bubble massage

AirJet Plus™ is an enhanced version of AirJet™ that features an additional circular set of AirJets in the centre of the base. This means that when sitting in the hot tub, you get surrounded and engulfed by bubbles that rise up the inside walls and also rise up from the middle too. The set of AirJets in the middle is hugely beneficial as a foot and lower leg massage.

Who is this for? Same as anyone who wants to enjoy the classic AirJet™ for its naturally calming and relaxing sensation but with an added bonus of feet and leg massage.  

HydroJet™ - Dual massage with targeted jets

As well as the standard AirJet™ massage system, these Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs also feature two pairs of HydroJets on the side walls. The adjustable HydroJet nozzles release high‑pressure jets of warm water which can be set to point at different parts of the body. This type of water massage is great for sore muscles or aches and pains. The massage systems can both be used at the same time or separately depending on what you are trying to gain from your hot tub session.

Who is this for? Anyone who wants a more versatile hot tub experience with a more varied massage option.

HydroJet Pro™ - The premium Lay-Z-Spa massage experience

HydroJet Pro™ is the premium luxury spa experience that is on par with solid hot tubs but much more affordable. This range of Lay-Z-Spa is everything combined and has more Hydrojets around the internal walls offering the targeted hydromassage to more users at the same time. More than 50% of the HydroJet Pro™ hot tubs benefit from integrated seating too with the enhanced AirJet Plus™ layout offering a foot massage.

Who is this for? Anyone who wants a premium hot tub experience. The HydroJets are ideal for muscle recovery or to help with stiffness and soreness as well as serene relaxation.

Still not sure which Lay-Z-Spa massage system is best for you? Maybe you need to discover more about Lay-Z-Spa. Explore our full range of hot tubs, read about health benefits, get inspired , and find out why you should choose Lay-Z-Spa.