Lay-Z-Spa AR helping you choose your hot tub

Not sure which Lay-Z-Spa to get? Want to know what it will look like in your garden? With the Lay-Z-Spa AR feature, you can have a full 3D look at each of our hot tubs and with Augmented Reality you can see what it will look like in your garden.  
It is worth noting that the AR representations are an approximation and not fully representative of exact size and colour. They should not be used for accurate measurements. 

Visualise the Lay-Z-Spa in your space

One of the biggest advantages of using AR in choosing an inflatable hot tub is the ability to see it in your own space. Instead of relying solely on product images or descriptions, AR allows you to superimpose a virtual representation of the hot tub directly into your environment. By using your smartphone or tablet, you can see how the hot tub will look on your patio, on your lawn or tucked under your pergola. 

Compare different Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs in your garden

With the Lay-Z-Spa AR you can easily see what different hot tubs will look like in your space. So, if you're undecided between a few different Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs, our AR can help you decide which you feel looks the best and compliments the space it will be in.  

How to use the Lay-Z-Spa AR feature 

On your phone or tablet, go to a hot tub listing on our website and tap "view in your space" whilst pointing the phone (or tablet) at the space in which you would like to place your hot tub. Now you can take a walk around the hot tub and get a real sense of how it will look and feel in your garden. You can also view the hot tub as a full 360 3D image too.