6 Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

Are you looking for inspiration on how to get a bit more hot tub privacy? Maybe you think your neighbours might be able to see a bit too much or you simply want a tranquil relaxing space where you can escape from everything.  
Most UK homes have neighbours, some in quite close proximity. So, it is understandable that you might be looking to make your hot tub a bit more private.  We have put together some hot tub privacy ideas to inspire you. If you already have a dedicated hot tub area, some of the ideas below help you adjust the space around your hot tub area so that you can feel a bit more private.

Privacy Screening With Plants

The versatility of privacy screening using plants means that you have a wide choice. From Bamboo plants to climbers to shrubs, you can tailor your space to accommodate a variety of plants. Many of these plants require very little maintenance, they won’t impact the view of the garden from your house and will subtly create a private hot tub area you can enjoy in peace, whilst surrounded by attractive greenery.

Slatted Fencing 

A slatted fence or slatted screen can be bought off the shelf or can be quite a simple DIY project. This involves horizontal timber strips or boards fixed along a supporting frame with space between each board. This type of fencing is perfect in a contemporary garden and, because it is slatted, it still lets through light whilst creating privacy.

Pergodas & Pergolas

Pergolas and pergodas are popular choices in the Lay-Z-Spa community. Often on a raised decking platform, they make a great focal point for the garden and a dedicated area for the hot tub. They are perfect for adding mood lighting and can be made more private by letting climbing plants grow on them or by adding privacy screens to any sides with neighbours.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are a quick and easy way to get that hot tub privacy you want. They can be mounted to any surrounding areas that might be looked over and create a peaceful and private hot tub area. There is a wide choice of privacy screens available, from simple timber and wicker to more specialist and modern designs.


These are ideal as a pop-up hot tub privacy option. The great thing about a hot tub gazebo is you can put it up and take it down whenever you like. Not only do they offer protection from direct sunlight or rain, they also generally include sides that can be opened and closed as you please. This gives the freedom to have as much or as little freedom as you choose.

Purpose Built Shelters

If you’re lucky enough to have the space or able to convert an old shed or garage, a purpose-built hot tub shelter creates comfort and privacy. You’ll have a sheltered environment for all seasons and you can fully tailor the space with all the conveniences you need for your hot tub sessions.

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