Halloween hot tub party ideas

Halloween falls at a time of year when it is colder outside and the idea of going out in a not-particularly-warm costume is maybe slightly less appealing. So, why not celebrate Halloween in a hot tub where you can be warm and cosy? Your very own Lay-Z-Spalloween treat. We have put together some of the best ideas for a Halloween hot tub party that can be fun, relaxed and maybe a little bit spooky too.

Spooky Hot Tub Lighting

If you own a Lay-Z-Spa with lights you can set them to Halloween-worthy colours such as solid green or red. Then, it’ll be like you are sitting in a giant bubbling and steaming cauldron. If you don’t have a Lay-Z-spa with lights, we have many options available.

Halloween Hot Tub Decorations

Dangling bats, carved pumpkins, cobwebs, skeletons, a witch’s broom and all the classic decorations can really transform your hot tub area for a spooky Halloween party. It is best to avoid putting any decorations on the edge or in your hot tub unless they are safe like a Halloween-themed beach ball or pool float.

Ghoulish Hot Tub Drinks

Grab yourself a Lay-Z-Spa drinks holder and one of our hot tub-safe glasses and you can start getting creative with some Halloween-themed drinks. You might find inspiration from our hot tub mocktails or explore some of these Halloween drinks and cocktail recipes.

Scary Films With Projector

If you have a suitable white wall or a space to place a projector screen(or a white sheet), you can enjoy some of your favourite horror films or Halloween classics whilst relaxing in your bubbling cauldron.

Halloween Hot Tub Party Tips

Keep your hot tub water clean before and after the party or else it might really become the stuff of nightmares.  

- Make sure your chemicals are all well-balanced the morning of the party 
- Don’t get into your hot tub with face paints or costumes 
- If any food or drink gets into the water, you’ll probably want to give it a shock dose afterwards