Top 10 Lay-Z-Spa Setups of 2022

Every year we get to see so many amazing hot tub setups from within the Lay-Z-Spa community. From stunning locations to very creative hot tub shelters, we have picked 10 of our favourite Lay-Z-Spa setups we have seen in 2022.

10 Inspiring Lay-Z-Spa Setups

1. Emma from @house_to_home_no.17's Hollywood Airjet looks absolutely stunning in her purpose-built decking area and festive lights in the pergola. What really makes this hot tub setup stand out is the greenery with the living wall and the clever use of lighting which creates a truly inviting space to relax and unwind in the evenings.

2. We love this stunning multi-purpose and very modern-looking and minimalist pergola from the Sweeny Residence. There is plenty of room for their Miami AirJet and a seating area. The slatted screen fencing is brilliant for privacy and shading whilst still letting light through.  

3. Michaela, from Germany, has created the most amazing surround for her Lay-Z-Spa in her very small back garden. The highly functional hot tub surround creates spaces for storage and decorative props, has built-in steps to get to the Lay-Z-Spa and it even has a very simple but very clever retractable sun shade. 

4. Ex-England player Matt Jarvis' Lay-Z-Spa Hollywood Setup looks like the most inviting space for cosy evenings relaxing under the stars. It has all the necessary conveniences in easy reach and even an outdoor heater for added warmth when you step out of the hot tub.

5. Zoe from Cornwall's hot tub retreat is all about colour coordination - even the dog! The purpose-built pergoda has cleverly created a flat and level surface for the Palma HydroJet Pro and includes privacy screening on the two sides with neighbours.

6. Donna from West Yorkshire has a 300-year-old cottage with an incredible garden. Tucked away in the far corner of their idyllic setting is their Santorini HydroJet Pro wrapped in a rattan surround and given privacy by natural greenery and shrubs.

7. Anna in Shropshire is lucky to have a garden that looks over nothing but a field which creates the perfect place to unwind whilst watching the sunset. Festoons also create a canopy of soft lights so they can keep enjoying the outdoors long after the sun has set.

8. Dee has her Vancouver AirJet Plus tucked away is a dedicated little cosy corner of her garden. With a very pleasing green and white colour scheme, this setup offers a private and tranquil space

9. Laura-Amie from South Wales has the most impressive shelter for a Helsinki we have ever seen. And the view is something else! The epic pergola has been carefully built in a section of the multi-level garden to maximise privacy and create a well-sheltered area for the hot tub.

10. Jody has a simple setup in a modern garden but it's how she’s curated her space that we’re really impressed with. The Hawaii HydroJet Pro has become a feature of the garden and harsh red brick walls have been softened with faux living walls and neon lighting.

We always love seeing hot tub setups from the Lay-Z-Spa community. If you're posting on social media don't forget to tag us, DM us or use #layzspauk as we're keen to share inspirational hot tub setups to give ideas to everyone.