Top 10 Lay-Z-Spa Setups of 2023

As the Lay-Z-Spa community grows year on year, we get to see so many inspiring, unique, and just lovely hot tub setups. It is fantastic to see how everyone can get so creative with their hot tub area or, through simplicity, create a really inviting tranquil space perfect for unwinding. We have picked 10 of our favourite Lay‑Z‑Spa setups we have seen in 2023, in no particular order.

1. Preet Halbert from Essex has a truly exotic haven feel to her Helsinki AirJet setup. With a lush backdrop of tropical and traditional plants, she has a picture-perfect spa sanctuary to enjoy during her self-healing journey to wellness.

2. Charlotte from Reddich has colour-coordinated the Palma HydroJet Pro in her garden. What works really well about this setup is the outdoor living. It is a slick, contemporary garden that flows elegantly from the inside space. View more of her Lay-Z-Spa here.

3. Helga's garden might be small but the Miami AirJet adds a touch of luxury without dominating the space. In the expertly crafted space, it is almost impossible to tell where indoor living and outdoor living meet. It is a perfect extension of the home.

4. Rosie from Wiltshire has a jaw-dropping garden. It is slick, modern and gives you the feeling of being on holiday. The Napa Airjet's weathered wood design fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the long decking that runs alongside the house.

5. Natascha's garden is a very social space and her Lay-Z-Spa, which is barely visible here, fits perfectly into each designated space. The raised decking for her Lay-Z-Spa is a seamless extension of the cozy seating area. And, what works really well about this hot tub setup is the fact that it is tucked into a nice private corner of the garden.

6. Annette's Mauritius AirJet™ has to be in one of the most unique, most dramatic, and most picturesque locations. It isn't in the UK, but we had to include it in our top 10 of this year because it is so impressive. Take a look at this reel to see how truly stunning this is. And, it looks even more impressive in Autumn.

7. This cozy purpose-built gazebo is attached to the side of a self-build in Kingsley Moor that overlooks an acre of garden and surrounding field in the Staffordshire Moorlands. It provides exceptional sheltering from the elements and means that the Miami AirJet can be enjoyed all year round.

8. Vicki from Shrewsbury has a stunning DIY surround for her Lay-Z-Spa. This little corner of their garden has been completely transformed and their self-built surround creates a cozy tropical haven.

9. our.kent.home are lucky to have a garden big enough that it isn't dominated by the immense luxury of the San Francisco HydroJet Pro. Tucked down the side of the garden and shaded by a parasol, the lay-z-spa becomes a feature of the garden. Watch this, and you'll definitely want to jump in.

10. Vanessa in Hertfordshire used a redundant part of her garden, that used to be a kids' play area, and very cleverly (and easily) transformed it into the perfect zone for her Paris AirJet™.

We always love seeing everyone's Lay-Z-Spa setups so don't forget to tag us on social media and you might feature in our next round-up.