Tips For Transforming a Garden Into an Oasis

Having a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub in your garden offers unlimited peace and tranquility whenever you want it. You can take your relaxation session up a notch and create your everyday oasis, in your own garden, by transforming your outdoor space with a few simple tips.

Interiors expert Melanie Ward-Hunt, an alumnus from Inchbald School of Design, and award-winning landscape and garden designer Roberto Silva, are on hand with some simple tips to help garden owners achieve the garden oasis of their dreams.

With a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub as the focus, these two garden and interior experts reveal four simple but very effective tips for consumers who are looking to upgrade their garden into the perfect place to host summer gatherings or chill out with family and friends without having to leave home.

garden extension on the home

Make the garden an extension of the home or a refuge from day-to-day life

Having a garden can be seen as a luxury, as was seen recently during lockdowns when the nation was forced to spend more time at home than ever before. Both Roberto and Melanie agree on the need for incorporating an outdoor space as an extension of home comforts and a place to relax.

Silva suggests that there are a variety of ways for consumers to "project their idea of peace and well-being" outdoors by creating a range of outdoor activities from growing vegetables to having an exuberant garden with a swimming pool to exercise in and a spa to plunge and relax in. Hunt advises consumers to "think about orientation" and the placement of features in the garden to "maximise the sun-filled areas for entertaining/alfresco dining and to leave the shaded areas for evening spots and fill them with artificial lighting". By keeping this in mind Hunt says this logistical planning will allow garden owners "to be able to enjoy your garden way into the night".

hot tub garden oasis

Decorate the surrounding hot tub area with plants

It’s no secret that plants are the ultimate decoration accessory and according to these garden experts, the right selection of plants is the most effective way to instantly transform a hot tub experience into a tropical getaway from your own garden.

"Ideally if you're incorporating a hot tub into your garden scheme, envelope it with tropical plants - this will really help to create that faraway visual scape. Imagine outdoor hot tubs in Bali whilst sipping on margaritas"

Melanie Ward Hunt 

Silva recommends that consumers should consider surrounding a hot tub with a "range of lush architectural plants such as tree ferns, Trachycarpus and bamboos" or by incorporating natural textures and materials such as "natural stone or wood to create soft spaces".

create a garden oasis with privacy

Ensure privacy

Whilst Lay-Z-Spa owners enjoy unwinding in a luxury hot tub from the comfort of their garden, whether it’s for a romantic date night or family fun, Silva and Hunt both highlight the importance of privacy to make for a more enjoyable experience. Silva suggests that "the hot tub can be situated by a fence or wall with trellises also acting as an attractive feature to provide a way to section off a private space like a hot tub without erecting a solid and imposing barrier". Hunt also shares that "if space is limited create a vertical garden wall which will also offer privacy if needed" for a smaller garden.

garden design for all year

Always keep the weather in mind

Once you're relaxing in the calming 40°C water surrounded by tiny therapeutic bubbles you might believe that you're in the tropics, However, it’s important to bear in mind the changing seasons when considering where to set up a Lay-Z-Spa. Silva warns "I have seen many people not carefully consider access to their hot tub and sometimes they place them too far from the house. There’s nothing more unpleasant than having to walk a long way back into your house whilst being wet from having a dip in your hot tub - especially in this country where we regularly experience cold and windy weather!".

Hunt shares a top tip for mastering the weather and says it's worth considering an "added extra like placing outdoor heaters next to the hot tub for a truly luxurious outdoor spa experience".

Guest article contribution by Lem-Uhn with special thanks to Melanie Ward-Hunt and Roberto Silva.

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