How To Descale A Lay-Z-Spa

Visible signs that you might have limescale in your Lay-Z-Spa is when you start to see white flakes in the water. This means there will be a scale build-up within the pump components and you will need to descale your Lay-Z-Spa.

If you live in a hard or medium water area, we wouldn’t recommend waiting until you see these white flakes before taking action. You can descale a Lay-Z-Spa but it is best to prevent scale build-up as part of your regular hot tub maintenance.

What Causes Scale In A Hot Tub?

Scale in a hot tub is caused by minerals in the water, especially in hard water areas. These minerals are primarily magnesium and calcium and will build up over time if not addressed regularly.

Another cause of scale in a hot tub is high alkalinity or irregular, especially high, pH levels. This is why it is important to make sure all chemical levels are always well balanced in your Lay-Z-Spa in both hard and medium water areas.  

What Does Scale Do To a Hot Tub?

Calcium and magnesium deposits (also known as Limescale) can, over time, build up around the heating element, in the internal pipes, around pump seals, and in the water flow sensor reducing the hot tub's ability to function as well as it should. If left unattended, the hot tub limescale build-up can cause irreversible damage.

It is worth noting that limescale build-up on the hot tub heating element impacts its ability to heat properly. You will then find it has to work a lot harder to heat the water which will require more energy and increase your hot tub running costs.

How To Descale A Lay-Z-Spa

If your Lay-Z-Spa has issues with limescale, we would recommend adding a large dose of the ClearWater® Scale & Stain Controller to the water for 24h, with the heater and filter on, then emptying the hot tub. Once empty, backwash your pump, flush through the pipes on your liner and make sure you replace the filter before adding clean water.

There are also hot tub descalers on the market that attach directly to the pump. Descalers are not currently produced by Lay-Z-Spa so, if purchasing a hot tub descaler make sure it is compatible with your pump type (AirJet or HydroJet).

A third option is white vinegar. Disconnect your pump and lay it on its back with the pipes facing upwards. Pour white vinegar into the water inlet and leave it for 4 hours. After this, tip out the vinegar and thoroughly rinse the pipes through with clean water.

How To Prevent Scale Build-Up In A Lay-Z-Spa

If you know you live in a hard water area, or have experienced limescale issues in your hot tub, it is good practice to prevent scale build-up as part of your regular chemical maintenance.

Once a week, add 15ml (per 1000 litres) of ClearWater® Scale & Stain Controller directly into the water. It is also a good idea to change your water more frequently and add a larger dose of the Scale & Stain Controller 24h before emptying, as described above.

Are you in a Hard Water Area?

Not sure if you live in a hard water area? You can often tell from the build-up of limescale on the heating element of your electric kettle. However, if you're unsure, you can contact or check the website of your regional water supplier or use this Hard Water Area postcode checker online.