Introducing the Toronto AirJet Plus™

The Toronto AirJet Plus™ is the first rigid foam Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tub. Still as portable as an inflatable, this Lay-Z-Spa features firm sides made of insulating foam panels that provide strength and heat retention.


The ThermaCore™ foam wall construction of the Lay‑Z‑Spa Toronto hot tub effectively retains heat, resulting in up to 40% better energy efficiency compared to traditional inflatable hot tubs. This innovative foam construction not only enhances energy efficiency but also makes assembly quick and you have a portable hot tub with firm sides.


The enhanced massage system is made up of 180 AirJets™ around the inner circumference of the hot tub with a circular set in the middle providing a soothing foot massage. With the 2‑level massage intensity regulation feature you can choose how powerful you want your massage experience.

WiFi Connection

This smart hot tub's WiFi connectivity allows you to control your hot tub from the Lay‑Z‑Spa app so it is always ready when you want it to be and won't use unnecessary energy when you don't need it to. Using the app or the app's voice control compatibility, you can access and control the features.


Aside from the thermal foam construction, the Toronto AirJet Plus™ includes an insulating inflatable lid that helps keep the heat in your hot tub. On the pump, the energy‑saving timer, and WiFi functionality, lets you set the heating schedule to suit your requirements and not use power unnecessarily and Freeze Shield™ is ideal for keeping your Lay‑Z‑Spa set up all year round without constant heat running.

In The Box

You'll find the hot tub liner, foam panels, external pump, padded pillows, top cover with safety clips, inflatable lid, inflation hose with a few attachments, filter housing and filter plus a ChemConnect™ dispenser. This dispenser is for easy chemical maintenance using tablets. We recommend the Clearwater Multi-function tablets but you will need chlorine granules to shock dose the water.


Item Number:60163
Capacity:5 - 7 adults
Size:190cm x 70cm (75” x 27.5”)
Inner Size:φ 170cm (φ 67”)
Water Capacity (80%):1,300 L (345 gal.)
Filled Weight:1,338 kg (2,950 lbs )
Maximum water depth:57 cm (22")