Benefits of Using a Lay-Z-Spa Indoors

If you’re wondering “Can I use a Lay-Z-Spa indoors?”, the answer is yes and there are many benefits to doing so. You also have the flexibility of changing your setup whenever you like. You might choose to use your Lay-Z-Spa indoors in the colder months but then bring it outside for the summer.  

Setting up a Lay-Z-Spa indoors doesn’t have to mean in your house. You can set up a Lay-Z-Spa in a garage, conservatory, summer house, or shed and we have put together some considerations for using a Lay-Z-Spa indoors at the bottom.  

Can I put an inflatable hot tub in a shed?

Benefits of setting up a Lay-Z-Spa indoors:

Energy Saving - A sheltered hot tub will automatically be more energy-efficient as it won’t be exposed to the elements and will stay much warmer for longer.  

Permanent Shelter – A Lay-Z-Spa in an indoor location means that it is permanently sheltered from wind chill, rain, snow, direct sunlight, falling debris, insects, and more.

Easy All-Year Use – Being more energy-efficient, you’ll be more inclined to keep your Lay-Z-Spa running all year and a big advantage of having a Lay-Z-Spa indoors in winter is not having to have a cold walk back to the house in wet swimwear.  

Privacy – Having an indoor hot tub is perfect if you worry about privacy. Maybe your garden is overlooked, or you have a nosey neighbour. This way, you can sit back a relax in peace.

Health & Wellbeing – if you use your hot tub for therapeutic reasons, whether that is for physical or mindfulness reasons, setting up an indoor hot tub can become your sanctuary.

Can I put an inflatable hot tub inside?

What to consider when setting up a Lay-Z-Spa indoors

If you want to setup your Lay-Z-Spa indoors, you first need to consider if the area is appropriate and suitable for an inflatable hot tub.

Solid floor: is the floor strong an stable enough to hold the weight of the hot tub? You need to be sure that the foundations beneath your floor are stable. For example, we would not recommend setting up a Lay-Z-Spa on a typical suspended wooden floor.  

Floor type: Some water outside of the hot tub is inevitable, especially when you get out. Tiled floors can be slippery and carpeted floors would simply absorb all that moisture.

Drainage: The indoor location for your hot tub needs to be within easy reach of a drain for when you need to empty the hot tub.

Ventilation: Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs heat up to 40°C and any heated water will create a lot of steam. Ventilation is essential to control the moisture in the air, condensation and humidity.

Space: Do you have enough indoor space for a hot tub? We have a great range of smaller 2-4 person or 3-5 person hot tubs that can fit in small spaces.   

Can I put an inflatable hot tub in a garage?

Before setting up a Lay-Z-Spa indoors, be sure to have checked all the considerations above and thoroughly read the manual. Please note that Lay‑Z‑Spa does not take any responsibility or accept any liability for the use of a Lay‑Z‑Spa in an indoor area, summer house or garage.