Introducing the Budapest AirJet™

The Budapest AirJet™ is currently the largest Lay‑Z‑Spa with integrated thermal insulation. It is both the perfect space to relax while retaining more heat and making it more energy efficient to run.


The Budapest Airjet™ is spacious enough to comfortably seat up to 6 people. This makes it the perfect size for relaxing with your family and friends or spacious for unwinding on your own.


This energy-efficient hot tub has an all‑surrounding 140 Airjet™ massage system. It also features a 2‑level massage intensity feature that lets you drift in a cloud of warm bubbles to your liking. The Budapest provides the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with its powerful yet soothing massage system.

Thermal Insulation

The Budapest AirJet™ includes the pioneering Lay‑Z‑Spa integrated EnergySense™ insulated thermal outer liner and top cover that makes this hot tub up to 40% more energy‑efficient than comparable inflatable hot tubs. With the integrated thermal cover, this hot tub retains more heat and uses less energy to run than a conventional inflatable hot tub.

WiFi Connection

This smart hot tub's WiFi connectivity allows you to control your hot tub from the Lay‑Z‑Spa app so it is always ready when you want it to be and won't use unnecessary energy when you don't need it to. Using the app or the app's voice control compatibility, you can access and control the features.


The Budapest AirJet™ includes a waterproof protective top cover with an insulating inflatable lid. Together they help keep the heat in your hot tub and stop any debris from falling in. On the pump, the energy‑saving timer, and WiFi functionality, lets you set the heating schedule to suit your requirements and not use power unnecessarily and Freeze Shield™ is ideal for keeping your Lay‑Z‑Spa set up all year round without constant heat running.


You'll find the hot tub, the external thermal cover, pump, top cover with safety clips, inflatable lid, inflation hose with a few attachments, filter housing and filter plus a ChemConnect™ dispenser. This dispenser is for easy chemical maintenance using tablets. We recommend the Clearwater Multi-function tablets but you will need chlorine granules to shock dose the water.


Item Number:60179
Capacity:4 - 6 adults
Size:196cm x 66cm (77" x 26")
Inner Size:φ 148cm (φ 58")
Water Capacity (80%):908 L (240 gal.)
Filled Weight:946 kg (2,086 lbs)
Maximum water depth:52 cm (20")