Reduce Blood Pressure with a Lay-Z-Spa

According to the British Heart Foundation, there are currently around 7.6 million people in the UK living with heart and circulatory diseases. One of the biggest risk factors associated with this is High Blood Pressure.

Approximately 15 million adults, equivalent to 28% of the population, have high blood pressure but only around 10 million are diagnosed. Around 50% of heart attacks and strokes in the UK are associated with high blood pressure

Scientifically Proven Reduction in Blood Pressure

During wellbeing studies conducted by Coventry University’s Research Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences, they saw a significant reduction in blood pressure after spending just 30 minutes in a Lay-Z-Spa. Results showed systolic and diastolic blood pressure both decreased immediately post-hot tub use (approximately 9 and 19 mmHg respectively)

Benefits of Hydrotherapy for High Blood Pressure

Hydrotherapy is regarded as a form of complementary therapy for hypertension and a great alternative to medication. Warm water immersion in a hot tub creates passive heating, boosting cardiovascular function. This rise in body temperature increases heart rate, blood circulation and helps dilate blood vessels creating a smoother blood flow.

High blood pressure can be linked to busy lifestyles, stress, and poor exercise. A Lay-Z-Spa hot tub offers a convenient and practical opportunity to momentarily detach yourself, clear your mind, and receive benefits that you might not necessarily be aware of.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Using a hot tub

The studies using a Lay-Z-Spa not only found that is can significantly reduce blood pressure but has several other measurable benefits too. This includes an average 31BPM heart rate increase, equivalent to a brisk 30 minute walk and an increase in blood flow – as much as 345% in the legs which is similar to a 30-minute jog. Additionally, the studies saw a reduction in both stress and anxiety, which are to contributing factors to high blood pressure.

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Research work credited to: Dr Tom Cullen & Dr Doug Thake Occupational and Environmental Physiology Research Group of Coventry University’s Research Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences.