The Lay-Z-Spa Monaco AirJet™

Now discontinued, the Lay-Z-Spa Monaco AirJet™ was a very large drop stitch inflatable hot tub that could accommodate up to 8 adults. If you're looking for a large or comparable Lay-Z-Spa, head to the bottom of this article.

The drop stitch construction of the Monaco Lay-Z-Spa means that it had a very large capacity without being too big in size. Drop Stitch is a much thinner inflatable hot tub construction that makes a Lay-Z-Spa more spacious on the inside.

lay z spa monaco

The Lay-Z-Spa Monaco features:
90 AirJet™ massage system
Integrated filter system
Power-saving timer
Digitally controlled pump with soft-touch control panel
Reinforced cover with safety lock clips
Insulating lid

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Dimensions & Specifications

Item NumberBW54113
Capacity:6 - 8   Adults
Size:201cm x 69cm (79" x 27")
Water Capacity (80%):1,540   L (407gal)
Filled Weight:1,973kg   (4,349lb)
Voltage:220-240V~50Hz,   2,050W at 20°C, Class II
Actual Water Flow:1,325L/h   (350 Gal/h)
monaco lazy spa

Alternative Drop Stitch Hot Tubs

Since the Lay-Z-Spa Monaco is no longer available, here are the current best alternative and comparable Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs:

Helsinki AirJet™ this award-winning drop stitch Lay-Z-Spa is a little bit smaller with a very pleasing Nordic-inspired wood-print. It can accommodate up to 7 adults and measures 180cm x 66cm.

Napa AirJet™ has the same spec as the Helsinki but comes is a weathered wooden look and has WiFi compatibility so you can control the hot tub from anywhere,

Grenada AirJet™ If you're looking for size, the Grenada is the current largest Lay-Z-Spa in the range. It can fit up to 8 adults, like the Monaco, and measures an impressive 236cm x 71cm

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