Why Every Runner Needs A Hot Tub

Did you know that a hot tub is a great way of experiencing some much-needed hydrotherapy? More and more research shows the using a hot tub after exercise like running is a brilliant way to help with muscle recovery but using it before can actually warm up muscles to avoid injury.

Why runners should use a hot tub

If you’re thinking your inflatable hot tub is all about the lazier side of life - think again. A Lay-Z-Spa is actually a popular choice with fitness fanatics.

You’re probably thinking that the hot tub’s the perfect reward after a long old run or workout, but it’s actually a great way to warm up too. In a previous article in the Physiotherapy journal about the ‘Evidence for effective hydrotherapy’ (Physiotherapy Journal), it was found that a short soak in an inflatable spa can help to warm your muscles up and prevent injury.

Findings suggested that hydrotherapy can reduce pain, improve function, as well as affect joint mobility and strength; particularly among older adults with rheumatic conditions and chronic lower back pain. If you’ve been mustering the enthusiasm to get out there and get sweaty, the thought of a little dip in the hot tub before you even start has got to make running days seem more tempting.

Using your hot tub before running

It’s no secret that hot tubs have been linked to a number of physical benefits, as well as their relaxation powers. That means when you get running you’ll be able to work soothing sessions in the tub into your training plan to keep those aches and pains at bay. If you’re still sore a day or two after your workout or run, the hot tub can stimulate your blood flow and help speed up the recovery of your poor damaged muscles (European Journal of Applied Physiology).

The heat can also reduce muscle spasms, so you’ll be reducing any pain and helping to heal any injured tissue between runs. Just make sure you don’t plunge into the tub too soon after a workout, as research suggests it’s best to let your muscles warm down and stay cool straight after a hard session.

Hot tubs offer many benefits relating to fitness and exercise. Read more of our Health & Wellbeing articles to find out more.