Relax Your Mind & Soothe Your Body with Lay-Z-Spa

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sitting back and letting yourself unwind in a hot tub. Enjoying the warm water and being surrounded by clouds of massaging bubbles is an experience like no other. You can achieve wellness with a hot tub too, helping with both physical and mental health.

Stretching right back to ancient Greece and then the Roman Empire, thermal bathing has been used for socialising and health reasons for hundreds of year. Now more than ever we know that hot tubs offer a wealth of positive benefits to general wellness and certain conditions. Recent studies have shown that using a Lay-Z-Spa for approximately 30 minutes helps with mental health and cardiovascular health.

Relax Your Mind

Anyone with a Lay-Z-Spa can confirm that immersing yourself into the sanctuary of your hot tub and finding a moment of tranquillity can leave you with a feeling of rejuvenation. Science has proven that a Lay-Z-Spa helps to reduce stress and anxiety but the actual practice of taking time out and unwinding in a hot tub is enough to clear your mind. Having a hot tub at home gives you a reason to take some time out, which is essential with our modern culture's busy lifestyles.

Soothe Your Body

Aching muscles, stiff joints, bad backs or sore feet from standing all day can feel soothed in 40°C water combined with the buoyancy of the water as this provides an element of weightlessness which is a relief to those parts of the body. With pressurised water jets of the HydroJet™ massage system you can also target areas of the body for a therapeutic hydromassage. It is no wonder why hot tubs are growing in popularity amongst sportspersons and athletes for recovery after training.

how to achieve wellness with a hot tub

Achieving wellness with a hot tub

Simply having a hot tub at home and spending time in it is enough to gain some of the positive benefits. To really maximise the experience and achieve wellness with a hot tub you need to immerse yourself for 15-30 minutes a couple of times a week. Creating a proper sanctuary with your hot tub can enhance the psychological effects and you can include aromatherapy, music, and lighting or simply have quiet time all by yourself.

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