How to fix a hole in a Lay-Z-Spa

All Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are built with durable and quality materials such as DuraPlus™, but unfortunately, sometimes some incidents can happen and the inflatable liner of the hot tub can be damaged, or punctured. Repairing a hole in a Lay-Z-Spa is easy and simple if you follow these steps.

How to find a hole in an inflatable hot tub

The first step is to find the hole in your inflatable hot tub. If you already know where the hole is, then you can go ahead and add a repair patch. If you are unsure where the hole is, the best procedure to follow is this: 
- Empty your Lay-Z-Spa 
- Reconnect the pump and turn on the AirJets 
- You may at this point be able to feel air escaping. If not...
- Spray or gently rub soapy water to the entire surface of your inflatable liner 
- Look for bubbles appearing – this is where the hole will be 

How to fix a hole in a Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub

To fix a hole in your inflatable hot tub, you can use the self-adhesive PVC repair patch that is included in the package of your Lay-Z-Spa or the Lay-Z-Spa Vinyl Repair Kit.

- Clean the surface around the hole and make sure it is thoroughly dry. 
- If necessary, cut the PVC patch to a suitable size to cover the damaged area. 
- If using the repaid patch - remove the film and carefully position the patch with the adhesive part in contact with the surface to be repaired. 
- If using the Vinyl Repair Kit, follow the instructions on applying the glue.
- Press down on the patch and hold it firmly on the area for at least two minutes so that it adheres well. 
- Wait at least 30 minutes before inflating your hot tub. This will allow time for the glue to set and fix the patch securely.

How to prevent punctures in Lay-Z-Spa inflatable parts 

- Use sufficient protection under the base of the inflatable hot tub, such as the Lay-Z-Spa Floor Protector 
- Avoid placing your Lay-Z-Spa near prickly shrubs or right up against walls or fences
- Avoid wearing jewelry or swimwear with sequins in the hot tub  
- Never attempt to lift your Lay-Z-Spa when it is full of water 
- Never drag the liner across the floor when it is empty whether inflated or not

If your Lay-Z-Spa liner or inflatable lid has a hole or tear too big to repair, you can find a replacement in our spare parts section.

Use the drop-down and find the name of your Lay-Z-Spa to see all the compatible replacement parts

If you are unsure which part you need, you can speak to our Customer Care team.