How To Heat Up a Lay-Z-Spa Fast

You might think that heating up a Lay-Z-Spa fast will require some long-winded tricks or end up costing you extra but that is not the case. In fact, the 4 steps below are super easy and will actually end up costing less as you will be using less energy to heat up the Lay-Z-Spa.

how to heat up a lay z sps quickly

1. Fill It With Hot Water

One of the quickest and most energy-efficient ways to heat up a Lay-Z-Spa quickly is to use water from the hot tap. It is important that the water is no hotter than 40°C and that you add some cold into your hot tub first. Our recommendation is to fill your Lay-Z-Spa up to the bottom of the filter housing with cold water, then all the rest with water from the hot tap.

2 Use the Lid & Top Cover

Every Lay-Z-Spa includes an insulating inflatable lid and it is there for a reason – to prevent heat loss. Making sure that the lid and top cover are firmly in place when heating up your Lay-Z-Spa will guarantee to have a positive effect on your heating-up time.

3. Heat it when the outside temperature is at its highest

Heating up during the hottest or warmest part of the day, especially in the summer, can help speed up the process. Temperatures always drop at night time so heating a Lay-Z-Spa during this period will be considerably slower and consume more energy.

4. Position in A Sheltered Location

The less exposure to wind chill, the less heat loss your Lay-Z-Spa will experience and the quicker it will heat up. A sheltered location can be as simple as in a corner space next to your house, alongside a tall wall, or if you can, in a purpose-built shelter.

how to heat a lazy spa quickly

Other Ways To Heat Up A Lay-Z-Spa Faster

Use a Thermal Cover

The Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Hot Tub Cover is specially designed for heat retention. With less heat loss, and used alongside the lid & top cover, a Lay-Z-Spa will heat quicker with a thermal cover and use less energy to stay warm.

Add Insulation

A well-insulated Lay-Z-Spa is going to hold more heat in and heat up much quicker. This can start with something as simple as a floor mat and go as far as DIY purpose-built insulating surround. It is worth remembering that is recommended you do leave space around the hot tub – so don’t box it in.

And that is it. Simple ways to heat a Lay-Z-Spa quicker. Remember, if you are heating up with new water, you will need to give it a shock dose and allow 24 hours for the chlorine to do its job.