To help you keep heating costs to a minimum we compiled these handy tips to help you manage your Spa both efficiently and cost-effectively.


1. Leave Your Lay-Z-Spa Heater Activated Between Uses

Depending on the amount of use your spa gets, in our experience it is better to leave the heater activated all of the time, if used regularly - say 3 or more times per week. We would recommend setting the spa at a temperature of say 36 / 38 degrees °C and then an hour or two before using, nudging it up to 40 degrees if desired.


As the Lay-Z-Spa heater is thermostatically regulated the heater will only actually switch on to top up the temperature of the water to whatever temperature that you set. This is better than letting the temperature rise and fall a great amount, which uses more energy each time you go to .


Note: The Lay-Z Spa uses 2050W per hour whilst on the heat setting and 600W whilst running the inflation / massage function. You should contact your energy supplier to work out running costs.


2. Make the Most of Your Lid!

One of the most common causes of temperature loss is a damaged, insecure and un-inflated lid or simply not using it at all! Heat always rises so any holes, rips or gaps in the lid can dramatically impact water temperature. Make sure the cover on your Bestway Lay-Z-Spa is securely zipped, tied, fastened or clipped; when fastened securely it should provide an airtight, insulating seal.

If your lid is damaged or lost then it might be useful to know that we offer Lay-Z-Spa spare parts so you can replace it.


3. Buy A Chemical Bundle

To keep your spa in prime condition chemicals are essential. Able to help make sure that your spa water stays clean and healthy, we realise that being able to buy filters and chemicals as part of a bundle can help reduce your costs in the long term. That’s why we have created a number of different bundle options to suit your needs. Find the right bundle for you on our Hot Tub Chemicals Bundle page.


4. Locate Your Spa Near A Natural Windbreak

Placing your Bestway Lay-Z-Spa in an area with a windbreak helps to maintain a steady water temperature. Wind exposure reduces temperature and something as simple as fencing forms an effective shield. However windbreaks like trees or shrubs can come with the disadvantage of shedding bits of themselves into the water so it is advisable to avoid using them as shields from the wind.


If your spa is in an open area or requires a bit more protection then the Lay-Z-Spa dome can provide increased efficiency and flexibility.


5. Insulate & Protect The Bottom Of Your Spa!

Keeping the underside of your Lay-Z-Spa insulated is a great way to help to reduce running costs and protect your hot tub.

Investing in a Lay-Z-Spa Floor Protector not only helps stop heat from dispersing as rapidly when it comes into contact with colder surfaces, but it can also help increase the lifespan of your spa by protecting against abrasions and damage caused by rougher surfaces.


6. Clean Your Filters

Keeping your spa's filters clean with a rinse after every use (or weekly depending on your usage) will not only prolong thier life but also make your pump more efficient. Not cleaning your filters can result in a build-up of debris which can result in poor water flow. The pump will therefore have to work twice as hard to filtrate the water, potentially resulting in greating power usage and higher energy bills.


Check out our Filter Cartridge Multipacks that delivery great value for money.


7. Manage your pH Levels

In order to save money on chlorine and other chemicals make sure your spa is at its correct pH before treating the water. Maintaining a pH level of 7.2 to 7.6 will ensure that chlorine added to your spa water can work efficiently since a pH of around 7.4 is optimal for chlorine disinfection. This ensures you do not waste chlorine at an inefficient pH level, ensuring your spa is more efficient to maintain as well as being cheaper to run.

To manage your pH levels first measure the spa water with pH dip tests before adding pH plus or pH minus to your spa where appropriate. Please also view our full guide to adjusting pH levels in your Lay-Z-Spa 


8. Make use of your Power Saving Timer

The power saving timer is ideal for ensuring your spa is as cost efficient as possible. It prevents wastage of power by allowing you to set the time and duration of the heating cycle for the spa so that you can enjoy your spa at a time of your choosing without having to leave the heater on at all times


For more information please read our dedicated power saving timer blog.


9. Fill from the Warm Tap

A simple but effective way to save money when filling your spa is to use water from the hot tap. It is usually cheaper to start your spa with warm water (ensure the water is no hotter than 40°C and that you have added a thin layer of cold water to the spa first) rather than filling the spa with cold water and waiting for the spa to heat up itself.


Additionally, if you don’t require your spa to be as full as possible then consider filling it up to the minimum line. This will save on both the initial water cost as well as the continuous cost of heating the spa water.


10. Clean Your Spa's Walls

If you ensure your spa is regularly maintained and in good condition then, as well as increasing the longevity of the spa, it is likely you will need to use less chemicals to fix unnecessary problems. To ensure that potentially harmful chemicals don’t disrupt the balance of your spa when cleaning, consider a chemical free way to clean your spa.


Of course time is money so a specially designed spa cleaning kit and a premium quality magic sponge will help to ensure you spend more time enjoying your spa and less time cleaning.